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We passionately believe that every young person should have the opportunity to build a future of their own choosing. We provide accommodation and support to those made homeless and a range of detached youth work interventions for young people in the communities that we serve.

Our holistic approach covers young people aged 12 to 25 where 25% have left care and 15% run-away from home. The rest are either deemed at-risk from their parents, are trying to divert from crime or have fallen upon hard times.

We’ve been working with at-risk young people for the last forty five years. We have housed over 10,000 young people and enabled another 20,000 to become meaningfully engaged though our detached youth work.

Join us for a one-off unique event. Be the first to sleep in the new LandAid House home for homeless young Londoners. Starting at 8pm on Thursday 18th July 2019 for one incredible all-nighter. Yes we have bedrooms. Yes we don’t have beds! It’s an experience not to be missed.     REGISTER NOW







Whitecross Street Party to celebrate 10th Birthday 

City YMCA London announced that the 2019 Whitecross Street Party will go ahead for two days on the 13th and 14th July 2019. Featuring 30 street artists, this year will be the 10th Birthday Party.

Land Aid House Construction Update 

Our new 146-bed accommodation block for homeless young Londoners, LandAid House, is well underway. Whilst the programme has slipped, the main contractor is working to a late Autumn 2019 practical completion. The team here at City YMCA London can’t wait to get our hands on the new building and as it takes shape, we are getting more and more excited. 


You can download a copy of the update HERE

Charity of the Year 

John Lewis HQ Pitch

City YMCA London residents Chantelle and Daniel were at John Lewis HQ in Victoria today to help persuade staff there to vote for them as their HQ Charity of the Year. We’ll find out towards the end of July. Let us know if you work there and help us WIN that vote!

New Errol Street Building to be called LandAid House 

LandAid, the property industries charity, have now signed up as Title Sponsor of the new YMCA building currently under construction in Errol Street. As a result City YMCA London are delighted to call the new development LandAid House. Yesterday Paul Morrish, Chief Executive of LandAid, was delighted to hand over a cheque for £1 million, the first instalment on their pledge to raise £1.5m for our appeal.

LandAid House Development

The concrete frame is now complete and a ceremony of the contraction team was held on the 27th November 2019 to mark the occasion. Our huge thanks to everyone for getting us to this milestone. By next summer the seven storey development should be nearing completion and we will be gearing up to move 146 young people experiencing homelessness into their new home.


19th YMCA World Council - Chiang Mai, Thailand, 8th – 14th July 2018


Robert Thompson, Chairman of City YMCA London, was one of 100 delegates representing the UK at the 19th YMCA World Council last year. Under theme “Empowering Young People” the varied programme ranged from information and business meetings, devotions and presentations to cultural shows and visits.


Robert said “It was so rewarding to attend the devotions, Thai cultural events and young delegate’s presentations. To browse the exhibition of local and world YMCA’s projects enabled me to engage with leaders across the world. To be able to learn about their work and talk about ours over food and coffee was an eye opener and a real privilege. I made contact with representatives from YMCA’s in America, India, Sri Lanka, Cameroun, Mongolia, China as well as at home in England.”


“As a result of going I have been able to make stronger ties with the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and Guangzhou and subsequently have visited them. I look forward to meeting representatives from these YMCA’s at 175th celebrations in London in August 2019.”


If any young person has the opportunity to attend a World Council event they should take up the invitation. It is quite a unique experience. “For me, seeing so many young people from all around the world in one place, in unity, from different cultures, but with one purpose to empower young people, to be apart of this at Chiang Mai was very emotional and uplifting.”


City YMCA Housing Worker Mohammed Miah attended the 19th World YMCA Assembly in Thailand last year and reported: “I attended various meetings, seminars and conferences. When we went there we were put in to groups and spoke about how professionals and front line workers have made an impact; and what changes we can make.


I have met different people around the world, from directors, trustees and young people who have turned their life around. I built rapport with them and learnt things that I didn’t know, things like ‘change agents’. My experience was amazing, I was overwhelmed and it was a great opportunity.”


The YMCA world movement is the world’s largest youth organisation, uniting helping, following and practising the ethics of mission, visions and values of Sir George Williams. Established on the 6th of June 1844 the movement is still flowing.


“I realised how big YMCA is and how proud I am to be part of the movement. I have learnt that every YMCA is a different body and contribute in different ways, which is amazing.”

Golden Lane Youth Project: in partnership with the City of London Corporation  

City YMCA London’s new outreach project is bringing in local young people from the Golden Lane Housing Estate to the newly refurbished Community Centre. The new youth project makes sure that young people are fully aware of what is available to them on the estate and further across London. Both in centre club activities and off site visits are proving a great success. Young people’s eyes have been opened to the Millennium Bridge, The Barbican Arts Centre and Tate Modern as well as local swimming and ice skating.

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